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children with autism

Helping children with autism reach
their brightest future

Our Values

We believe that when we infuse everything we do with these values, we will see amazing transformations in the children and families that we serve.

Our Leadership Team

Why JoyBridge Kids


Who is JoyBridge Kids? JoyBridge Kids joyfully creates and delivers life transforming experiences for children with autism and their families. That’s our mission and our passion that drives everything we do.

We’re Different. Many clinics just provide ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). JoyBridge Kids provides everything the family needs through an interdisciplinary model: joyful ABA (which is our core), plus Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Feeding Therapy, and School Readiness. We offer a collaborative and coordinated therapeutic plan that enables the child to grow up being a happier, better version of themselves. Our programming includes growth goals for every child that catalyzes their ability to access more joy throughout their lifespan. We then wrap all of the learnings and growth into family support sessions so they can both grow and celebrate successes at home.

Team and Values. It starts with our team! They are devoted, compassionate, and fun-loving which translates to our wonderful kids. Our values are not just words. They comprise the fabric of what we believe in, how our culture is defined, how we work together, and who we are: Passion, Innovation, Excellence, Teamwork, Growth, Integrity.

We Strive To Be The Best. Our vision is to extraordinarily bless and serve individuals with autism and their families.

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