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Early Excellence ABA Day Program

Early Excellence ABA Day Program

The Early Excellence Progam is an intensive center-based ABA Therapy program during the day for children between the ages of 2-7. Children in this program typically receive 25-35 hours of ABA therapy per week.

Our Early Excellence program is ideal for children who are not currently enrolled in school as it equips toddlers and preschoolers with the key skills they need to succeed in their earliest years and beyond. Our team provide children with a one-on-one, unique behavioral experience that focuses on promoting language, play and social skills while working to decrease negative behaviors that inhibit learning. We believe in facilitating healthy time for children to learn to better interact and play with their peers.

Parents are integral to the success of the Early Excellence program. As a result, we encourage families to meet with their child’s BCBA on a regular basis. This enables enhanced learning and helps them stay current on their children’s progress. Active parent participation in implementing ABA therapy at home leads to greater success and generalization of skills in the natural environment, where the child will continue to practice and put their learning into action.

The Early Excellence program’s aim is to prepare and teach necessary skills to enable a successful transition into a school setting. JoyBridge loves working collaboratively with all of the child’s service providers to promote a great outcome so they can be best prepared for a wonderful future.

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