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ABA Therapy

How ABA Therapy Can Help Your Child With Autism

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) is the applied use of principles and methods from behavioral science to create meaningful changes in socially important behaviors. Over 30 years of research has demonstrated the effectiveness of ABA for treating individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Children who receive early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI) have demonstrated positive improvements in their development.

ABA focuses on teaching a variety of developmentally appropriate skills (such as communication, learning readiness, play skills, toilet training, etc.) and on reducing maladaptive behaviors (i.e. aggression, elopement, pica). Interventions using applied behavior analytic principles have long been established as an effective approach to increase appropriate behaviors and decrease problem behaviors for individuals with ASD. The success of ABA can lead to significant improvements in many areas such as the ability to more effectively communicate, receptive and expressive language, socialization and play, pre-academics, as well as developing critical daily living skills.

At JoyBridge Kids, we only utilize evidence-based practices rooted in ABA that are implemented by clinicians who are trained to deliver effective, child-centered therapy in a loving and sensitive approach.

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