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Parent Training

Parent/Caregiver Training

JoyBridge focuses heavily on the importance and value of intentional parent training. We provide parents and guardians of our clients with education and support to help them gain valuable skills to partner in helping their children succeed. This is a vital part of our services. We help customize plans around each family’s unique situation. Parent Training helps ensure that parents are educated on their children’s progress and plans.

A key element of Parent Training is helping parents learn how to utilize some basic ABA methods at home, so that efforts are consistent across environments. We believe that parents, family members, and other peers can play a significant role in the success of ABA intervention. Anyone that interacts with an individual with autism can benefit from ABA strategies to ensure that the efforts are consistent in every environment, including the home.

Having supportive family members and friends who consistently use the strategies of ABA can catalyze significant growth. Parents who are eager to learn from these techniques are vitally important for maximizing a child’s outcome.

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