Graduate Student Program

Be a Part of JBK University – Join Our Team of Passionate Graduate Students

  1. Training Site Accreditation through the Behavioral Health Centers of Excellence (BHCOE)
  2. Paid experience hours earned through a combination of both concentrated and independent experience options in our clinics
  3. Structured, biweekly group supervision provided by our experienced Clinical Directors
  4. Individualized, biweekly one-on-one supervision sessions with your assigned BCBA
  5. Customized graduate school curriculum to ensure our students are not only exam ready, but also practice-ready for a BCBA position
  6. Individualized growth track to work through unrestricted hours with applied and functional learning opportunities
  7. Paid exam prep course to reach the “one-and-done” board exam goal
  8. CentralReach Institute & BHCOE Learning Hub access for free learning opportunities, on demand
  9. Assigned mentor and continued mentorship throughout your first year as a BCBA
  10. Friendship and fellowship with our student cohorts for motivation and support throughout your graduate school journey

We love to help our team members grow into the best version of themselves

Open, inclusive, and supportive team culture to help you succeed in your personal professional goals!

Our BCBA’s join JBK understanding our passion and commitment to growing amazing graduate students, and they complete a customized Leadership & Coaching Program to be able to best support our students!

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