Why JoyBridge Kids

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The Joy at JoyBridge Kids

We are JoyBridge Kids

Our mission at JoyBridge Kids is to joyfully create and deliver life transforming experiences for children with autism and their families. With a focus on best-in-class clinical quality, our passionate team fulfills our mission through excellent service provision and joyful, collaborative practices.

We are unique

JoyBridge Kids utilizes an interdisciplinary model by integrating joyful ABA, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Feeding Therapy, and Parent/Caregiver Coaching. We offer a collaborative and coordinated therapeutic approach with our doctorate and master-level clinicians that results in highly efficient and effective developmental growth for our learners. Our team prioritizes increasing each child’s quality of life through individualized growth goals for every child that catalyzes their ability to access more joy throughout their lifespan.

We embrace value-based teamwork

Our values of passion, innovation, excellence, teamwork, growth, and integrity capture the hearts and minds of our clinicians who serve our learners and families with compassionate care. JoyBridge Kids believes investing in our team members is the best way to invest in our learners, so they can provide energetic, devoted, fun-loving therapy to our wonderful special needs kids. Our values are not just words. They are our foundation and how our culture is defined.

We provide the best clinical quality

Providing the best clinical quality starts with providing the best clinical care first and foremost to our clinicians which then translates to our kids and families. Our clinical model is built on the most contemporary, evidence-based practices in the field of applied behavior analysis therapy. With our focus on clinical quality and growth, our team members consistently have access to experienced mentors and are constantly immersed in new learning opportunities to provide best-in-class therapeutic services to all our learners and families.

The JoyBridge Kids Brentwood Staff