Parent & Caregiver Coaching

Training for parents & caregivers of children with autism

JoyBridge Kids focuses heavily on the importance and value of intentional, functional caregiver support. We provide education to parents and caregivers to support them in gaining valuable skills to help their children with special needs succeed throughout their daily lives using ABA therapy in the home. This is a vital and foundational part of our therapy services. Our caregiver coaching is individualized to each family’s unique culture, situation, and priorities of need.

Caregiver coaching at JBK includes:

  • Biannual interviews and assessment where the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) determines goals for the family
  • Individualized caregiver goals as part of their child’s Treatment Plan developed by the child’s BCBA to increase caregivers’ ability to support, teach, and assist their child through daily routines and challenging behavior
  • Biweekly caregiver coaching sessions with the child’s BCBA and caregiver(s) to discuss the child’s progress, evaluate and problem solve current needs at home/community, and provide direct training on effective ABA interventions to utilize at home throughout the child’s lifespan
  • Education, modeling from the BCBA, and role-playing of effective interventions and strategies to utilize with their child at home
  • Training and consultation from the child’s SLP and OT, as needed
  • Monthly family webinars on common topics of need and interest from our JoyBridge Kids families
  • Ongoing collaboration with the child’s entire therapy team to promote the child’s development and ensure goals are being mastered not only in the clinic setting, but also at home and in the community

Caregiver Coaching focuses on the following:

  • Implementation of the child’s Behavior Support Plan at home and in the community
  • Understanding and application of common and practical ABA strategies
  • Planning and support through daily routines at home
  • Planning and support with toilet training and daily self-help skills
  • Troubleshooting and ongoing consultation with challenges that surface at home, school, or community
  • Preventing, de-escalating, and responding to challenging behavior
  • Strategies to effectively and joyfully engage in play and leisure activities with their child and siblings
  • Effectively teaching and expanding communication skills at home within daily routines
  • Increasing independence of their child in completing daily, age-appropriate tasks
  • Generalizing and maintaining the skills their child learns in the clinic setting to the home and community

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